10 Cool and Fun Things to Draw on Procreate

At some point in your artistic journey, you’ll fall into a rut, and your ideas will feel stale and boring. (Ugh, creative block!) In that case, you just need a prompt to get going.

No worries—I created this giant list of cool and fun things to draw on Procreate, so that you will feel inspired 24/7.

Some of them may seem somewhat advanced, but hopefully, seeing these other artists will spark inspiration to get your own Procreate ideas flowing.

Gen Z woman drawing on Procreate with iPad

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Procreate Drawing Ideas

1. Hand Lettering

Designer Francois Chouquet specializes in funky type and outdoor illustrations, which you can see in his piece Wanderlust. 

I love the mid-century feel of the colors and shapes, while the hand-letting lends an organic feel.

You can find more of Chouquet’s work on Dribbble or Instagram.

Hand lettering done with Procreate app
Francois Chouquet

Tool Kit

If you want to do something similar, check out this Procreate Hand Lettering Tool Kit via Creative Market. The 26 brushes will help get the hand lettered look you need.

2. Cartoon characters

Rik Catlow (“rikcat”) is a designer and illustrator whose work appears on everything from album covers to skateboards.

His characters are familiar and fun-loving yet slightly askew, like a cartoon strip from some alternate, twisted universe.

You can find more of his characters on Dribbble or his website.

Rik Catlow’s cartoon drawing
Rik Catlow

Tool Kit

If you look closely, you’ll see that he’s using various halftones and textures to give the piece some extra oomph.

To achieve a similar effect with your work, check out this vintage-inspired brush set via Creative Market.

3. Animals

Graphic designer and illustrator Olivia Malone creates charming digital drawings of people, places, and animals.

Her piece Red Beret demonstrates what’s possible with just three colors and a few well-placed Procreate brushstrokes.

To see more of Malone’s fantastic work, check out her website.

Procreate drawing of an animal by Olivia Malone
Olivia Malone

Tool Kit

As we see above, a relatively simple line drawing can go a long way with some added texture in the brushstrokes.

If you want to create a similar feel, get a brush that will add a luminous pastel effect, such as the Procreate Paint Box.

4. 3D Logos

Brand designer and illustrator Anna Krestovskaya created the digital art you see below using the Procreate app.

Flat designs have dominated the visual landscape for the last 5–10 years, but 3D illustrations are becoming prevalent as technology improves and VR becomes a thing.

If you’re looking for more things to draw, see more of Krestovskaya’s work on Dribble.

Anna Krestovskaya 3D logo
Anna Krestovskaya

Tool Kit

There are no rules for 3D drawings. However, one surefire way to approach it is with an experimental/playful mindset.

Another essential ingredient is to have the right Procreate tools.

This 3D brush set from Creative Market includes all the Procreate brushes you’ll need to create authentic 3D effects.

5. Portraits

Illustrator Kim Salt creates dazzling Procreate drawings that are all about the details.

In this color study she did in-between client work, Salt combines line, shape, color, and texture to create a portrait that jumps off the screen.

Check out more of her work on Behance.

Kim Salt Procreate drawing
Kim Salt

Tool Kit

To create a grainy effect, as seen above, check out the Shader Brushes for Procreate.

Combined with your iPad and Apple Pencil, it allows you to create visual noise on the smallest details of a Procreate digital painting. 

6. Sneakers

Illustrator Mako Zakaidze created this digital drawing inspired by Nike sneakers using Photoshop and Procreate.

For me, it’s all about the colors and textures. I love the juxtaposition of streetwear with flora. It makes her art feel unexpected yet satisfying.

You can find more of her work on Behance.

Mako Zakaidze Procreate drawing of sneakers
Mako Zakaidze

Tool Kit

Check out these gradient brushes or fine noise brushes if you want to play around to achieve similar effects for your digital artwork. 

7. Patterns

Below is a detail of a drawing by artist Børge Bredenbekk.

He starts off sketching by hand, then line-draws everything in the Procreate app, and finishes it off in Illustrator.

Bredenbekk’s style takes inspiration from American friezes and artwork from the 1930s. The characters are realistic yet stylized because of the various patterns.

Check out more of his work on Behance.

Børge-Bredenbekk digital drawing
Børge Bredenbekk

Tool Kit

One cool thing about Bredenbekk’s artwork is that it looks straight out of the ’30s but is a digital drawing made with Procreate and Adobe.

It actually inspired me to use patterns in my drawing projects to create a similar effect.

One of my favorite tools is Lithotone Brushes for Procreate. It gives the perfect amount of grit and distress for an old newsprint feel.

8. Nature

Ema Malyauka is a children’s book illustrator whose work oozes narrative.

The example below shows why nature is such a cool thing to draw on Procreate. Her depiction of a jungle allows her to explore various colors and textures.

The result is a painterly drawing that is charmingly simple while maintaining a high level of detail and nuance.

You can see more of her work on Instagram.

Procreate drawing of nature by Ema Malyauka
Ema Malyauka

Tool Kit

If you like this aesthetic, check out these pencil and gouache brushes via Creative Market.

It allows you to draw using bold and beautiful brushstrokes, whether your subject is a jungle, an ocean, or another natural setting.

9. Houses

I love this isometric drawing by the design studio Duxica.

Watercolor painting is an excellent choice for architectural renderings. It adds an element of abstraction without detracting from the subject.

The artist, Hima, says she created this “tiny dream house” in “precious Procreate.”

House drawing on Procreate

Tool Kit

To get a digital watercolor look similar to this, check out the Realistic Procreate Watercolor Kit via Creative Market.

Not only do you get five canvas textures, but this watercolor brush tool gives you seven different brushes, as well, to draw any house that inspires you.

10. Icons

Lastly, these icons by illustrator Damian Orellana give us even more ideas for cool things to draw on Procreate.

Using just few colors and simple shapes, these icons are short, sweet, and incredibly versatile. They can be used for digital products, business branding, and much more.

If you’re looking for more things to draw, check out Orellana’s work on Dribbble.

Damian Orellana Procreate icons
Damian Orellana

Tool Kit

Ready to try it yourself? You can either a) start from scratch or b) use an add-on like 200 Simple Shapes for Procreate.

It is a good jumping-off point for crafting your own icons like the ones pictured above.

Procreate Tutorials

For more Procreate drawing ideas, check out some online tutorials.

I recommend Art With Flo (free on YouTube). She’s one of the best instructors for beginners looking to learn new techniques.

So, if you’re looking for more cool things to draw on Procreate with your iPad and Apple Pencil, those videos have many helpful tips for art and design students.


In conclusion, there are endless possibilities for cool things to draw on Procreate. So, what are you waiting for? Start making digital art, and have fun while you’re at it.

Happy drawing!