How to Use the Procreate Color Picker

After you install Procreate on your iPad, you want to start making artwork immediately. However, there are some essential functions you must know about first. Procreate color picker is one of the most necessary, so that’s what I’ll cover today.

Also called the eyedropper tool, the color picker allows you to select any color from an image. You can use that color to fill an outline, create a color palette, and more.

After you learn this tool, it’ll be second nature, like riding a bicycle. However, if you don’t learn it completely, you may waste a lot of time.

So, in this article, I’ll show you the two ways to use the color picker in Procreate. I’ll also show you how to tweak your settings to make it work better for you. Then, I’ll answer a few common questions related to Procreate color.

I know you want to start drawing, so I’ll keep this tutorial brief.

Method 1: Tap and Hold

First, place your finger on the section of the canvas you want to sample the color from.

Hold your finger there until a ring appears. This is the eyedropper tool.

The center of the ring shows a close-up of the artwork where the cursor is.

You’ll notice how the circle is split into two colors. The top half is the color you are about to choose, while the bottom half is the current color.

The current color is represented by the small circle in the top right section of the iPad screen. Click that, and your color panel opens up.

You can either drag your finger around the canvas or lift it off to make a selection.

As you drag it around the canvas, watch as the eyedropper tool moves with you.

Anytime you’re ready to select a color, simply lift your hand off the canvas.

When you do this, notice how the color panel changes. You’ve officially picked a color.

FYI: This method will not work with the Apple Pencil.

Eyedropper tool in Procreate

Method 2: Modify Button

First, locate the square between the two sliders on the left-hand side of the iPad screen.

That square is your Modify Button.

All you have to do is tap this button with your finger or the Apple pencil. Then, tap anywhere on the canvas.

You’ll notice the eyedropper tool is activated instantly.

From there, drag it around the canvas until you are ready to pick your color.

Like the first method, simply lift your hand when ready to make a selection.

Now, you should be able to see your color in the panel at the top right part of the iPad screen.

That’s all there is to it. Practice this a few times, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

Procreate color picker tool

Color Picker Settings

Now that you’ve learned how to use the color picker, it’s a good idea to customize the settings.

First, find the wrench icon in the top left corner of the iPad screen.

Tap the wrench to open the action panel.

From there, find the tab that says gesture controls and tap it.

Once you’re inside gesture controls, find the eyedropper tab.

Now you can customize the eyedropper tool.

For example, you can change the amount of time (delay) your finger will touch the canvas before the eyedropper tool is activated.

My delay is set to 0.45s, which I think is the perfect amount.

However, I recommend playing around with these settings to determine what works best for you.

Procreate Video Tutorial

This video shows you exactly how to use the color picker in Procreate. Check out the rest of the channel for more golden nuggets.


That concludes this brief tutorial on how to use the color picker in Procreate.

This is probably one of the most straightforward Procreate actions to learn, but it’s not always obvious when first starting out.

I invite you to keep reading as I answer more Procreate color questions in the FAQ.


Where is the eyedropper tool in Procreate?

Tap the modify button, then tap anywhere on the canvas. This will make the eyedropper tool appear instantly.

You can do this with either your pencil or finger

Another way to access the eyedropper tool is to tap and hold anywhere on the canvas. This method can only be done with your finger. It won’t work using the Apple Pencil.

How do I color match an image in Procreate?

First, you must access the eyedropper tool using one of the methods described above.

Then, drag the cursor around your canvas until you find the color you are looking for.

You’ll know you found a color match by looking at the top half portion of the eyedropper tool.

The top half represents the color you are about to choose, while the bottom half represents the current color.

When ready, lift your finger or pencil off the canvas to select your color.

How do I color only certain parts of an image in Procreate?

There are several ways to color only certain parts of an image in Procreate.

One way is to have your image split up into separate layers. When you have each part on a separate layer, you can use the fill tool to quickly change the color on a single portion.

Another way to color specific parts of an image is to drag your color into a closed shape.

Remember, your current color is represented by the circle located in the top right part of the iPad screen.

Why can’t I fill color in Procreate?

One common reason you aren’t able to fill a color in Procreate is that you don’t have a closed shape. Zoom in to your image to make sure it’s closed all the way.

Another common issue has to do with your color mode. If you drag your color into a shape that overfills, your color threshold needs to be adjusted.

To fix this, find the blue line that appears on the top of the screen, and slide your finger down until the color fits inside the shape.

Where do I find color palettes in Procreate?

You can access the color palettes by tapping on the circle in the top right part of the screen.

This circle represents your current color. Giving it a tap will open up the color panel.

On the color panel menu, select the palettes tab.

From here, you can use a Procreate default color palette or create a new one by clicking on the plus symbol.

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