Jim Heimann Collection


The Jim Heimann Collection is an archive of photos, snapshots, books, magazines, cartographs, posters, advertising art, and other forms of printed matter.

It consists of over 400,000 pieces focusing on the 1920s to the 1960s. It also includes 5,000 35mm slides chronicling Los Angeles from the 1970s to the 2000s. 


The collection appears in dozens of Taschen books, including All-American Ads ’90sAutomobile Design Graphics, and California Crazy, to name a few.

As the Executive Editor for Taschen, Jim Heimann is responsible for various titles from architecture and pop culture to surfing and graphic design.

I met Jim Heimann in 2008 while interning for the German art book publisher and have worked with him on many books since then.

In addition, I oversee the collection and am responsible for scanning and organizing the vast archives of photographs, artwork, and ephemera.

Design and Illustration

One of the main focus areas of the Jim Heimann Collection is graphic design and illustration.

Accumulated over a period of 50 years, the hundreds of thousands of items in the collection demonstrate a fascinating history about visual communication in the last century.

One example of this is the menu collection. This particular subcategory contains approximately 10,000 restaurant and bar menus.

On the one hand, the menus tell a culinary and economic history. On the other, they take you on a journey of the major graphic design and illustration styles for each decade.

The richness of the menu collection has resulted in three books, including two for Taschen: Menu Design in America and Menu Design in Europe.


Erwin Darmali directed this short film about Jim Heimann in 2018.