WPA Poster Program

WPA poster for Foreign Trade Zone

The Bauhaus-inspired, government-backed WPA poster program proved that great things could happen when art and politics come together as one.

Volume Publishing

Rational Simplicity book layout

Volume Publishing, an imprint of Thames & Hudson, uses a crowdfunding model to produce beautiful books for niche audiences.

The Complete Commercial Artist

Illustration of Japanese storefront

Hamada Masuji sought to elevate the status of commercial art in Japan and, in the process, helped formulate a new national graphic identity.

Jim Heimann Collection

Jim Heimann Design logo

The Jim Heimann Collection is a private archive of photographs, snapshots, ephemera, books, magazines, posters, and other printed matter.

Mexico 1968 Olympics

Mexico 1968 Olympics logotype sketch

More than just a graphics system, the visual output for the 1968 Olympics presented Mexico’s rich cultural heritage to the rest of the world.

Action Office

Herman Miller's Action Office 2

As the definition of the workplace undergoes another major shift, we look back at Herman Miller’s Action Office to see where it all began.

Aaron Lowell Denton

Aaron Lowell Denton illustration of VR headset

The Bloomington, Indiana-based artist and designer creates posters that elevate a once disposable medium to the level of fine art.

Canada Modern Archive

Methods of Science book

Blair Thomson discusses Canada Modern, why there’s been an absence of resources on a singular red thread, and his plans for the collection.